Details About Tucson Dentures

Fake teeth are often referred to as dentures or prosthetic teeth. They are custom-made to replace a person’s missing or diseased teeth. The dentures, which are custom-made for each patient, fit snugly in the mouth cavity and are well protected by the soft and hard tissues that cover them. Visit us on Tucson Dentures.

Dentures are needed.

Since ruling out any other treatment options such as cleaning, medication, gum flap surgery, or a combination of these, people who have lost their teeth or have been suffering for years from the ill effects of decayed teeth caused by periodontal disease, Dentinogenesis imperfecta, etc., are often advised by their dentist to have their teeth replaced either partially or completely by a set of dentures.

Teeth, whether natural or artificial, support the lips and cheeks and give the wearer a more ‘youthful’ appearance than if they were missing any of their teeth. As a result, having a collection of dentures will not only help the patient to chew or masticate his food properly, but it will also significantly enhance the patient’s facial appearance.

Different types of dentures are available.

Partially or fully removable dentures are available. The type of dentures used will largely be determined by the individual’s particular requirements.

Dentures that are still partially functional

When a patient only has a few missing teeth, partial dentures are used. They can be reversible or set, and the patient is usually given the option to choose between the two. If a patient has just one or two teeth missing due to an accident or decayed teeth extraction, the dentist would almost certainly recommend a fixed partial denture in the form of a ‘crown & bridge’ arrangement. The bridging tooth is inserted into the gap left by the missing tooth, and the attached crowns are secured to the tops of the teeth on either side. The appliance has been firmly fixed in place.