Forklift Safety Light

Forklift safety lights are essential for the safety of all forklift operators. Forklift lights are also called “headlights”, since they are typically mounted on top of the forks of the truck. Their main purpose is to alert other drivers and pedestrians to the location of the truck, its intentions, and the proximity of its lights. These lights usually come with a built-in reversing mechanism that allows the driver to easily reverse the direction of the truck, but sometimes this reversing movement is not possible.

Forklift safety lights often project an intense red or blue beam of illumination on the ground ahead, behind, or in front of the path of the truck. This location of light is capable of safely alerting any pedestrians on the road about the approaching proximity of your forklift. Some models of forklifts have led lights installed on their roofs or sides. The different types of forklift lights that you can choose from include continuous-range light, trail-lighting, and directed light.

Forklift safety lights are available at most major retailers. There are several types of forklift safety lights to choose from such as screw-on led low-voltage forklift lights, dome led high-voltage forklift safety lights, and rotary clip on/dive stop/reverse glow plug forklift lights. If you choose to install your own forklift safety lights, then the best materials to use are stainless steel and die-cast aluminum. When installing these lights, it is important to make sure that the cords are the right length and that the leads are firmly attached to the lifting devices. A professional installation can be done by a certified electrician who is licensed and trained to do so.