Is A Real Estate Agent Or Realtor Necessary For A Buyer Or Seller?

A real estate agent, realtor or real estate broker is someone who promotes buyers or sellers of real estate. While typically a broker will work on their own, sometimes an agent is required by a seller to work under a licensed brokerage to represent their clients. This is referred to as being “asset-based brokerage”, and while this is not common, it can be beneficial for both buyer and seller.

In order to work as a real estate agent, one must pass the most rigorous licensing exam in the state that they are moving from. Because of the licensing process, prospective agents spend many long hours studying, practicing and taking refresher courses, as well as performing personal interview and background checks. While this extensive preparation is crucial to successful completion of the licensing exam, some brokers choose not to pursue this step of the process, believing that the education and experience would be worth the time and effort.Visit Merrick Property Group – Real Estate Agent for more details.

Some sellers and/or buyers believe that the real estate transaction is an independent trade, and it would be difficult to separate their professional opinion from their personal one. This is not true. As mentioned earlier, when a seller agrees to work with a realtor, it is usually because that realtor is representing the seller and is handling all the necessary paperwork, preparing the transaction for the seller’s approval and escrow, carrying out title search for the property, etc. The seller is not privy to all of the transaction details, so their opinion may not be reflective of what really goes on during the transaction. Although sellers should not be too vocal about their concerns regarding a certain transaction, they should feel comfortable discussing them with a real estate agent who is working on their behalf.