Men’s Sexual Dysfunctions Caused by Diabetes-An Introduction

Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which a person’s blood sugar levels are elevated for one of two reasons: the body does not produce enough insulin, or the cells remain inactive in response to the insulin released. In men, diabetes can lead to sexual dysfunction. Here are a few examples:

Diabetes can cause a variety of dysfunctions, one of which is impotence. However, research suggests that diabetes has nothing to do with impotence. Impotence is an issue that affects all men, not just those with diabetes. Impotence in men is usually caused by psychological factors such as performance anxiety, sadness, depression, stress, and so on. visit

Diabetic impotence does not occur until a person has had diabetes for a long time or when diabetes has been poorly regulated for a long time. Many doctors say it has anything to do with neuropathy. The nerves that regulate the erection are damaged as a result of consistently high blood glucose levels, rendering erection difficult. Men are embarrassed or ashamed to share it with others, even their wives.

A few strategies are mentioned below that can be used to cancel out or, in some cases, even solve the problem.

– The first step is to call your physician and tell him all that is going on.
– Changing the brand or treatment plan may often fix the issue if a medication plan causes impotence as a side effect.
– To solve the issue, you can seek support from couple counselling or individual therapy.
– There are nonsurgical devices on the market that can be used to temporarily alleviate the symptoms of impotence.
– For men with erectile dysfunction, a medical device known as a penile prosthesis may be inserted in the male organ via a surgical procedure.