New Mercedes-Benz – ML Review

The new Mercedes ML is a true four-wheel-drive crossover, as it should be. The previous model ML was never the car it could have been, so Mercedes had a lot of difficulties to work out before the new ML could be a terrific automobile. Fortunately, Mercedes is skilled at coming through when faced with a true obstacle. The new ML is such a great car; it’s as good as any of its competitors on the road, but with the added bonus of being exceptionally capable off-road (although real off road competence does require some extras from the options list). Feel free to visit their website at used car dealer for more details.

The new Mercedes-Benz ML appears to be much better in the long run. Of course, this is only a personal perspective, but you attempt to find someone who disagrees. It looks fantastic, with a considerably more rounded feel and an achingly good-looking nose for a 4×4.

Internally, there has been a significant improvement. All of the materials utilised are not only of good quality, but of the sorts you’d find in an older Mercedes. With this new ML, Mercedes seem to be testing whether they can still build an amazing automobile. It’s the small details, like the brushed aluminium on the air vents, that make it stand out. Of course, there is seating for five adults and plenty of space for their luggage.

All ML model versions come with a standard package that includes everything you’d expect and more. Leather is only available on SE models, while the off-road package is an extra expense on all versions.

With the rest of the 2017 Mercedes ML, the handling and performance have been upgraded. The handling is now considerably more responsive, and the ride is lot smoother, even on our UK roads, thanks to the use of a new chassis. The main challenge is picking which one matches your tastes best, with a selection of great engines ranging from a 272bhp 3.5-litre V6 petrol to the blazing 503bhp AMG version, plus a selection of petrol and diesel engines in between.