Orthodontist First Appointment: Know Before You Go

A dentist can refer a patient to a specialist oral health professional if the patient’s teeth have become misaligned or are missing. An orthodontist is a dentist who uses a range of appliances and procedures to progressively straighten teeth. There are a few things you should hopefully know before your first consultation so that you can go in completely prepared to ask for and obtain the details you need. Feel free to visit their website at check it out for more details.

The first thing you’ll probably get at this appointment is a consultation, during which your mouth will be checked and you’ll talk about why you’re seeing an orthodontist and what you hope to get out of the procedure. The doctor will examine the patient to see whether there are any defects, as well as whether there are any bite issues or jaw discomfort. X-rays are often used to determine the condition of the underlying structures and whether the patient is well enough to undergo the procedures.

The orthodontist will sit you down after the initial consultation and evaluation to discuss what he learned and what he believes is the best course of action. Typically, he would prescribe braces or other appliances to gradually move items into the proper position. To better fit where things need to be, it might be appropriate to use a spreader to create some space between a few teeth. This is also the time to talk about your thoughts about your appearance. Traditional braces are unappealing to some older people, so they prefer behind-the-teeth braces or the newer invisible braces. This option entails a series of incrementally changing trays that progressively and subtly improve alignment.

If you plan to proceed, the orthodontist will begin some preliminary procedures. He may decide to clean the teeth to ensure that no decay is trapped under the items he instals, or he may decide that certain teeth must be extracted as soon as possible.