Safely managing domestic abuse & having legal defense

When coping with a domestic violence incident, these key steps will help you to remain safe and protected. Planning ahead before a potential event is one of the key ideas to hold in mind. Collecting extra clothes and keeping them in the house of another person, getting extra cash or an emergency credit card and making a copy of your car keys are all ways you can prepare ahead before a potential case. If you are looking for more tips, check out Hempstead Criminal Defense Attorney.

In the event that the intruder causes an extreme situation where you can not escape, this is necessary for your defense. Getting this all prepared in advance would help you to easily and safely get away from your aggressor and get to a safe place to call the police. Make sure that you do not wait to call the police or hesitate. Victims of domestic violence often believe they should negotiate with or control their abuser. That this case was maybe out-of-character and will not happen again and that they should “fix it” or assist their offender to “heal” If this has become a trend in your relationship, however, chances are that this form of conflict will again occur.

It is better to try to secure a restraining order if the person who is your aggressor has become excessively frightening or dangerous. Speak to an Emergency Protection Order police officer (EPO). Except on nights and weekends, an EPO can be given 24/7, and it will give you protection for up to five days. When you are secure, you can then talk to a restraining order attorney for a longer period of time to seek a temporary restraining order, or a final restraining order (FRO), which is a more lasting step.