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A new patient looking for an orthodontist in his or her area may be a little confused as to what an orthodontist actually does. When they hear the word “orthodontist”, some people’s first thoughts may be of a dentist. However, in North America, orthodontists do not simply perform procedures to fix the teeth of adolescents and young adults. Many orthodontists provide services to adults of all ages, providing treatment options such as straightening, orthodontic headgear, braces, clear braces, soft braces, ceramic braces and many other types of orthodontic treatments.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Smileyville Orthodontics-Orthodontist

Most people have crooked teeth, and most orthodontists can correct this crookedness. If a person has badly formed teeth, which are so crooked that they look unnatural, they may have their teeth extracted. Then the orthodontist will reshape and realign these teeth, giving them a more natural look and appearance. An orthodontist may also perform an implant repair when a tooth is cracked or broken. Teeth that are malformed due to diabetes, misaligned alignment or other conditions can also be fixed by orthodontics.

It is important to choose an orthodontist who is qualified and experienced. In fact, it is illegal in some states to practice orthodontics without a license. To ensure that a qualified orthodontist is available, many offices will require that they take a national exam that tests their knowledge of orthodontics. In addition, many offices offer a practice test, which can be taken online, that will determine whether an orthodontist has the knowledge required to successfully perform the surgical procedures that an orthodontist may need. If a person cannot take a practice test, he or she should ask his or her orthodontist which classes are necessary to obtain a license.