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One major concern that most medical marijuana patients have is the possibility of becoming addicted to recreational cannabis, particularly if they consume large amounts on a regular basis. Although marijuana does not produce addiction, it can become habit forming very easily. This is particularly true in the case of young people who are still developing psychological and emotional patterns. Most of the current studies examining the effect of marijuana on the development of physical dependence are inconclusive. Dispensary Near Me offers excellent info on this.
Most experts agree that the best way to determine the effect of cannabis on the developing minds of young people is to allow them to partake in a controlled experiment without any medical supervision. Many advocates of legalized recreational cannabis use the argument that the government should regulate the activity because it poses no threat to public health or safety. Proponents of medical cannabis use the argument that there is currently no scientific evidence that proves the use of cannabis has any negative effect on the developing brains of young people.
Whether or not the use of cannabis should be legalized remains a controversial topic. Many politicians on both sides of the issue are calling for legislation that would legalize recreational cannabis, but few politicians have proposed legislation that would make marijuana available to anyone over the age of eighteen without a medical recommendation. The debate will likely continue for some time, but eventually states will have to decide if they want to continue with their restrictive marijuana laws or allow adults the freedom to purchase and consume small amounts of this plant on a regular basis.