Banner ads- Things to Consider

Banner ads are the most popular way to market your business online. Banner are basically combination of graphics and text that is placed on a website to tempt the visitors to click the ads. These banners are directed to the website of the owners. Do you want to learn more? Visit banner ads

The most common form of banner ad is a rectangle of graphics and text placed at the top of the website and covers the whole top width. It is not important that you place a long banner at the top of the website page as banner ads are available in different sizes. These can be square or rectangle. In this article, we will discuss the ways to place banners on websites. Side by side we will also take a look at the effectiveness of the ads.

Some business owners start placing banner ads here and there and fill up different websites. This is not the right way to place ads. They think that it is highly beneficial for promoting their business but, unfortunately they are totally wrong. This is a total waste of time and money.

Before placing banner ads it is important that you do full research about the website in which you are going to place. Check if the website is getting high traffic or not and if it is in the top ten search engine ranking. Another thing that you should consider while placing banners is the theme of the website. The website should complement your products and services.

Suppose there is a website that sells athletic shoes. And your website sells table lamps. So if you place your ad in the athletic shoes website, then there is no use as the audience that visits the website to buy shoes not lamps.

To save money on banners you can also join banner ads exchange group. Banner exchange means swapping the banner ads of different websites. But theme of the website should be the same. No doubt; this is an affordable method but, not always the best as there are limitations to the placement of the ads.

Finally it is really important to monitor the effectiveness of ads on a particular website. To do this there is a code in the banner ad which counts the number of clicks on the ad. Using this count you can determine if the ad is effective on a particular website or not.