Barefoot Landscape Lighting Chronicles

At one time most landscape lighting consisted only of a front porch light and maybe a light or two on the pathway. Today, our landscape lighting ideas also include our backyard gardens after the sun has gone down. By using innovative landscape lighting we can create additional rooms of our homes. The garden rooms that we created are now used for relaxing and entertaining. Check out this Barefoot Landscape Lighting

We need to figure out how we want our homes and landscape to look after dark. Do we want to highlight the landscape or our house, or both? Trees, fountains, hardscapes, statuary, and flowerbeds will stand out with the right placement of your lights. If outdoor cooking is your thing you can place a spotlight in the eaves to highlight your grill area.

Some of your landscape lighting ideas should come from the structural designs of your landscaping and your house. If you have an arbor or an archway you can try some uplighting for good highlights. Light up the water in your pond or pool with submersible lights; some pools already have the submersible lights put in when they are built. You can create silhouettes of the trees and bushes against the house by placing the lights behind them. Some lights can be very fashionable while some are quite functional. Place some low voltage lights under the stairs, handrails or bench seating for safety and for entertaining on your deck.

If your house is well lit it is safer and more secure than a home that is not. When you illuminate steps, pathways, and driveways you can prevent accidents from occurring after dark. Motion detector lights are an excellent way to light up any hidden areas when people walk by. The photocells in these devices will turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn; some will turn on only when someone walks by the fixture. This is a good security device even when you are away from home.

You want everyone to enjoy your landscaping and not the lights, so it is best not to over light the area. When you get around to your landscape lighting installation you should conceal the source of the light as best as you can. They can be placed behind branches of trees, foliage plants and shrubs. All you want to see is the effect of the light and not the fixtures.

Your landscape lighting design should best be focused around the safety of your family and visitors. These lights should highlight or illuminate the stairways, driveways, gates, and pathways during the night. This lighting should have the dual purpose of not only being a safety factor but a beautiful entertainment function as well. Floodlights are a good choice for lighting your deck area and tube lighting works well under the handrails.

Landscape lighting design ideas usually come from some of the areas of your garden you are very proud of such as unusual plants, sculpted bushes, tall trees, or a tropical flower garden. You not only enjoy these areas during the day but want to enjoy also at night so you need to place the lighting to highlight these areas. Some of the bushes and tall trees might look very mysterious with the use of a spotlight placed on the ground with the light facing the sky.

Solar landscape lighting is a very practical way to create safety in your yard, but be sure they receive enough sun during the day to provide the light during the night. Low voltage lighting is also a good idea to use as lights to guide the way. These are only some of the landscape lighting tips to consider when you want to brighten up your landscape.