Benefits of Long Island Emergency Power

WHO IS IN CHARGE? It’s For: Everyone trying to save time and money while buying a generator for the first, fifth, or tenth time. Where else can you learn how to get a 1000-Watt Generator for a discount of 25% to 40%? Just at the Generator Pros’ headquarters! An Automatic Transfer Switch, or ATS, is similar to a backup system’s ignition. Even if an automotive engine is fully operational and calibrated to perfection, a malfunctioning ignition or starter will prevent the vehicle from starting at all. A different electrical source follows the same law. To function properly, an ATS must be professionally mounted, checked, and maintained on a regular basis. Long Island Emergency Power¬†offers excellent info on this.

In Brine Brown’s book Daring Greatly: How to Live a Life You Love, I came across this disturbing statistic “The US military lost 761 soldiers in Afghanistan from the invasion in 2001 to the summer of 2009. In contrast, 817 people committed suicide over the same time period. This statistic does not include deaths caused by abuse, high-risk activities, or addiction.”

We are the only animal species on the planet that can take our own lives out of desperation and misery, believing there is no other choice. English, or words, is the one big distinction between humans and other creatures. We use language to tell ourselves stories about what things mean, and we still have a storey about ourselves to tell. As if thinking were our reality, we always identify with it, believe in it, and invest in it. However, it is just a theory that may or may not be right. Thoughts are the soundtrack to our lives, so they mostly go unnoticed and uncensored. To build a life we enjoy and emerge into our true-being, we must become consciously aware of our thoughts. People Jumping in Sun Rays author Robert Collier says, “The quality of your thought is a measure of your strength.”