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Early attempts with electronic records were often fraught with difficulties. The network became clogged as a result of the massive files being emailed. Since there was no longer an original, just hundreds of copies, version control became difficult. The audit trail became muddled and no one knew who was responsible for the improvements. Since an attorney was operating on an outdated copy, changes in one edition were not carried over to other versions. Visit us on The Clark Law Office.

Many of these issues can now be solved by using the document tracking features of current practise management software. On the law firm’s computer, a single copy of the electronic document is held. There are sequential versions, but all modifications are made to a single source, so there is no risk of parallel versions.

The ‘hot potato’ approach is the most basic electronic paper delivery mechanism. Every person on the distribution list is given a document to review; they examine it, make any necessary changes, and then move it on to the next person on the list.A few years ago, I was comforting a friend who was upset about something that happened at the law firm where she worked. She was a middle-level lawyer in a big firm who was having trouble dealing with the “testosterone pervaded mentality” that surrounded her.

She was intelligent and as good at her job as any of the other male attorneys, but she didn’t know what to do when one of her co-workers started taunting her. (She’d always been the quiet, bookish type.)He was your average schoolyard bully, picking on her simply because he assumed she wouldn’t fight back. She tried to ignore his (often sexual) innuendos, but it didn’t work. In reality, it seemed to encourage him to say things that were quickly circulated in the office gossip pool.