Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Ideas

Exterior Paint Ideas: When it comes to going green with your home, you may think it’s impossible to find an environmentally friendly way to paint the exterior of your home and other structures. Exterior paints must be durable enough to withstand natural paints and outdoor conditions. Interior paints are often not tough enough to use on exterior applications. So, what is the solution for a homeowner who wants to go green both on the inside and outside of their home?
When it comes to choosing the right exterior paint, the first step is to put your mind at ease about the colour you choose. When selecting an interior paint, for example, low-VOC paint is needed. This is less of an issue for exterior paint because the air dilutes the harmful effects of VOCs. As a result, you don’t have to be as concerned with VOCs when buying paint colour as you do with interior paints. Exterior paints can be labelled as environmentally friendly if they are free of chemicals and heavy metals. Residential Painting-Infinity Painting offers excellent info on this.
Consider the architectural design of your house.
It’s also important to consider your house’s architectural structure when choosing the best exterior paint. If your home is a product of classical architecture, choosing colours that are too bold may make it appear out of place. Before you go out and buy paint tubs, think about the history of your home and the physical structure.
Ground to be painted: Another thing to consider before applying your ideal paint to your home is the painting surface. As a result, you’ll need to prepare the surface you’ll be painting on. If the painting surface has not been prepared, even the best exterior paint will not work or look good. Prepare the surface before applying the first coats of paint to ensure that your time and resources are well spent.