Google My Business

Do you or a friend own a company and use a service from Google to promote or monitor it? Would you like to have a simpler way of controlling all the data you need to have available to consumers? Your wish has been fulfilled with Google’s launch of their new “Google My Business” service for business owners, and a number of doors will open for companies everywhere. This service will allow owners to update information in one location, add images, read reviews and use Google+. Not only will this new service support those companies that are already on Google, but it will especially help those that have not found out how to have a Google presence so far. Get the facts about google places optimization service – Web 20 Ranker LLC
This new service would support both new and seasoned businesses using Google. Now, existing users of any business-oriented Google app, such as Places for Business and the old Google+ dashboard, will be updated to Google My Business automatically. Google will sign up for the program for non-users and business-focused Google services, and Google will add business details to Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This really puts the latest company out there and can be discovered no matter what device or service a customer uses.
By encouraging them to express their gratitude with ratings and feedback, Google My Business helps you create a loyal following of customers, users can even promote your content and re-share the post around the web to spread the word even more. To give them the data they need in real time, owners can also respond to feedback and talk with followers or fans. This helps create a strong customer relationship to ensure that they value your company and become customers who return to your company.
In addition to the previously listed features, companies will be able to post news, events, pictures and other updates that they want to share on Google+. The integration with AdWords Express is another essential function, which allows owners to understand where their customers are coming from. If they look specifically for the company or are led by a different path to the company. For owners, this can be very useful so that they can use their promotional money in the best ways, where customers are the most.