Hemp CBD Oil – The Missing Link In Healing

Hemp is considered a miracle crop, with its numerous benefits, including being nature’s “superfood”. The healing properties of this legendary crop have been heralded throughout history, including being a remedy for everything from nausea to colic in children. For this reason, medical marijuana patients often turn to using hemp products for their symptoms, including CBD oil. However, recent studies have shown that this treatment not only has effective pain relief for some patients, but it actually reduces seizures in others. Hemp CBD Oil Near Me offers excellent info on this.
Humboldt University conducted a study on the subject, testing nine different cannabidiol (CBD) chemicals in three types of hemp: high-cbd hemp, low-cbd hemp and sunflower. The result? Seven out of nine strains produced significantly lower seizures when given to test subjects, while two did not improve at all. This was good news, because not all CBD can be delivered effectively through the bloodstream. The lack of effectiveness in CBD oils could mean that these particular cannabidiol compounds must be administered via the oral system.
If you want to find an alternative source of CBD for your pain and other medical symptoms, consider using high-cbd hemp oil, rather than cannabis plant extracts. Since the body doesn’t produce CBD, consuming this type of herbal medicine through food does not create any side effects, unlike the ingestion of cannabis. High CBD cannabis plant extracts have become very popular over the past decade or so, but many researchers are still very skeptical about whether or not it is as effective as it is said to be.