Insurance Agent – A Closer Look

An insurance agent is a professional who sells, protects, or negotiates insurance for a customer for compensation on loss or damage resulting from an accident. Insurance agents can be called upon by a customer to assess the possibility of compensation for property damage or personal injury. They are also called upon by the customers to process claims for insurance and manage their risk. Feel free to visit their website at Miller Hanover Insurance for more details.

Insurance brokers are not licensed by the state to sell or provide insurance, but most brokers work with licensed insurance agents to fill out the requisite paperwork and to complete policy transfer from one broker to another. Brokers bring together the various components of the policy, such as the insurer, the underwriter, and the insurer’s underwriter. The insurance agents represent the insurer in all matters of sales and marketing. They shop around for the best rates and package deals for the customer. Many of the insurance agents also act as lawyers or representatives for the insurer when the policies have become mis-sold.

All insurance agents work on commission, which is their portion of the total premium paid by the customer. They receive a specific percentage of the total premium for their work. It is important to find an agent who will work hard to get you the best rate and coverage that you may qualify for. The agent needs to be able to explain all aspects of the policy in clear and easy to understand language. The insurance agent also needs to be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.