Know about Infinity Painting

A coat of primer-sealer should be applied to new dry plaster in good condition that is to be finished with a paint other than water paint before being tested for uniformity of appearance. In the case of tinted primers, variations in gloss and colour differences indicate whether or not the entire surface has been sealed. Infinity Painting offers excellent info on this. A second coat of primer-sealer should be added if necessary. If there are only a few “suction spots,” a second coat over these areas can suffice.

It’s time to repaint the outside of your building. Since there is likely still dew on the shaded side of your home in the morning, it is better to start painting on the sunny side of your home first. Tip: Before you begin painting, make sure your house is completely dry.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast for rain or snow before you start painting. You don’t want to start painting just to have to stop due to inclement weather.

How hot does your house have to be in order to paint it? Most paints need a temperature of 37 degrees or higher to be applied to the exterior of your home. Now, if you’re applying two coats of paint on your house and the temperature is expected to be 55 degrees or lower for the day, you can paint the first coat one day and the second coat the next. You can definitely apply two coats in one day if you live in a very dry environment, such as Denver, and you’re painting during the summer months. However, in the more humid climates of the south, just one coat per day is always recommended.

Note: This video shows you how to use an airless paint sprayer. I’m sure the guy at the rental store taught you how to use the airless (usually due to his lack of experience actually painting a building), so hopefully I can give you some new ideas about how to paint your house with an airless paint sprayer.